Irish residents, aged 18 and over, can access esuicideTALK for free by registering here. esuicideTALK is funded by the HSE National Office for Suicide Prevention (NOSP). For information on other suicide prevention training, visit


esuicideTALK is a one-two hour exploration in suicide awareness. It is intended for all members of a community, ages 15 and up. Organized around the question "should we talk about suicide?" this program provides a structure in which session members can safely explore some of the most challenging attitudinal issues about suicide, and encourages every member to find a part that they can play in preventing suicide. esuicideTALK is designed to suit your schedule and lifestyle. You can take esuicideTALK on any computer with an Internet connection.

esuicideTALK is aimed at all members and groups in a community. Its goal is to help make direct, open and honest talk about suicide easier.

How do I use it?

Once you enter esuicideTALK you will be asked to select a Narrator to guide you and a Companion to work with throughout the program. You must work through the program in the order it is presented but you can pause at any time. Bookmark your access to the program so you can come back to it. Click "continue" whenever you are ready to move onto the next part. While you can speed through, take the time to think about what you are learning and to do the activities. Sooner or later, you will thank yourself for making the most of this learning experience.